My Big Gay Podcast

S5. Ep 10. Two Gays and the Nando's Experience

May 31, 2023 Benji & Brad Season 5 Episode 10
S5. Ep 10. Two Gays and the Nando's Experience
My Big Gay Podcast
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My Big Gay Podcast
S5. Ep 10. Two Gays and the Nando's Experience
May 31, 2023 Season 5 Episode 10
Benji & Brad

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Season 5: Episode Ten. Don't miss out on this week's fun-filled episode of My Big Gay Podcast with Benji and Brad. London living has never been so entertaining!

The boys celebrate the legendary Tina Turner and her incredible impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Join the boys as they share a story featuring a wild brunch with her music and a hilarious Grindr experience! Plus, Benji and Brad are taking a look at the UK's first-ever gay dating reality TV show, I Kissed A Boy, discussing its diverse representation and exploring the concept of body count in relationships. So, grab your headphones and get ready to laugh along with us!

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A special shout out to our FWB for the month of August!

Channel Island Pride
Channel Island Pride, supporting LGBTQ+ members within the Channel Islands!

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Season 5: Episode Ten. Don't miss out on this week's fun-filled episode of My Big Gay Podcast with Benji and Brad. London living has never been so entertaining!

The boys celebrate the legendary Tina Turner and her incredible impact on the LGBTQ+ community. Join the boys as they share a story featuring a wild brunch with her music and a hilarious Grindr experience! Plus, Benji and Brad are taking a look at the UK's first-ever gay dating reality TV show, I Kissed A Boy, discussing its diverse representation and exploring the concept of body count in relationships. So, grab your headphones and get ready to laugh along with us!

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To get in touch with the boys or to share your stories, then drop Benji and Brad a cheeky DM on socials @BigGayPodcast

A special shout-out to all our FWB this month! Your support for the show is so gratefully appreciated.

All the big gay love x




A special shout out to our FWB for the month of August!

Channel Island Pride
Channel Island Pride, supporting LGBTQ+ members within the Channel Islands!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase, I may receive a commission at no extra cost to you.

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Speaker 1 = Benji
Speaker 2 = Brad

Speaker 2: Hello and welcome to this week's episode of my Big Gay Podcast with me Benji and me Brad, keeping you the life, the loves and loaves of living in London. Two gays, one city. What could possibly? 

Speaker 1: go wrong. 

Speaker 2: Are you trying out new ways to say your name? 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i'm just adding in the diction because I listened back to last week's episode. I'm sorry you added in the what Diction The what The dick Penguin. 

Speaker 2: Benji's added in his dick everywhere. Are you drunk? 

Speaker 1: I'm actually not, are you alright? Should we stop recording? 

Speaker 2: We're not having another chaotic episode again. 

Speaker 1: Do I need to come over and check you're alright? Blink twice if you're not okay. Is someone there with you? 

Speaker 2: I think I just got hyper when we start recording. I don't know why. 

Speaker 1: Are you getting a bit giddy, a bit hot and flustered because you're talking to me again? Is that what it is? 

Speaker 2: That is really not the case, but I do get all giggly. I think we giggled together, don't we? You know, when you was at school did you have those naughty friends? 

Speaker 1: Yes, you're like that to me. Yeah, i had those friends that I was not allowed to sit next to because I just giggled. Like nothing could happen, I would just giggle. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, you do that to me When we start recording. I start getting giggly already. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, it's like in serious moments as well, you just get the fit of giggles. 

Speaker 2: I remember once at a funeral, belly laughing, i could not stop laughing, for I can even tell you why. Just the awkward situation. My friend just gave me a look, just set me off Gone. Yeah, really bad. Yeah, blimey, i get nervous laughter in like awkward situations. So maybe it's you, maybe you make me feel nervous. 

Speaker 1: Like during sex, just burst out laughing. 

Speaker 2: No, because I'm absolutely pro at that. Never nervous with that. 

Speaker 1: No, sorry, sorry, sorry. they burst out laughing. Anyway, speaking of laughter, we had so many people write in about our Chicago rewrite. Sadly, Andrew Lloyd Webber was not one of the theatre producers that got involved with us. Yeah, But we're still, we're ever hopeful. 

Speaker 2: We're still working on it. How, How we work on it other than? 

Speaker 1: destroying a classic musical. 

Speaker 2: But some of you have been in touch with some other suggestions of Chicago, the musical rewrites for the gay version, and, yeah, we're loving them. Keep them coming. 

Speaker 1: There is a few of them, and I'm a little bit shocked that we didn't come up with these ourselves. If I'm honest, you know, these are really quite good. They're coming for our gig, but we had one which is called When You're Good to Daddy. 

Speaker 2: That's very, you That's very you. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, that is Now a gays. Yes, yeah, we like that. One Another favourite was Hot Honey Shag. I mean, i really feel like there is something here, i think. so There is a parody. Has there ever been like a gay parody of Chicago? Yeah and I. But I will say, if it does get picked up, i do not think that a fisting scene should be included. 

Speaker 2: I just want to come on with a glove and sing that lyric. Let me have my fisting moment, okay, you? 

Speaker 1: hate fisting. 

Speaker 2: I know, i know It's not for me, definitely not, oh my goodness, but it has been planning central station for us this week because Pride is just around the corner. As you know, we're involved with Pride in London this year for the first time ever, but it is, yeah, it has been full on with all the planning for that, hasn't it? 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i mean you've made it a lot more tricky because you like to throw in all sorts of random things that are just not feasible, Like can we have a smoke machine? 

Speaker 2: I think it'll be great. We're here to make a scene. We're here to make a statement. We want to let the world know that we're here. We're not going anywhere. And I don't just mean the podcast, I mean us as a community. So we're going big this year and we hope that you can come and join us. 

Speaker 1: Honestly, Brad could be wheeling in cardboard box down the street smiling and waving And he would be having a lovely old time. 

Speaker 2: Oh, but it's going to be great. I'm so excited for it. It's going to be so good. 

Speaker 1: I mean, i know you really want dancers as well, and I really do feel like we could make that happen, but we won't give away too many surprises, because A we don't know what's going to fall through, but also those that are coming to enjoy it. We want you to be well, a surprise, i guess. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, absolutely. And if you are coming, please, please, let us know, give us a shout, give us a wave. But just one thing to say I hope you're going to be ready for the ride. 

Speaker 1: I didn't tell you the story. What story? When was it? Well, about six weeks, i guess it was when that episode came out and I was at the gym and I'd just finished work at right. 

Speaker 1: So I was sweaty red as a raspberry, like just red as a raspberry, not feeling cute at all, and beautiful man walked past me, smiled, pointed at me and said Are you ready for the ride? No, yeah, true story. And before anyone comes in and is like, oh, maybe the book to spinning No, legit, he knew he knew he had the wink in his eye, the smirk on his face, He knew it was you. 

Speaker 2: Hilarious Hurt Larry. 

Speaker 1: That's the only one to ride me looking like that. You were not ready for the ride that day. Hey, i'm always ready for the ride. Anyway, we've read a grass, so on with the podcast. Right, podcasters, it's now time for the gay news. It's time for the gay news. Do you know what we will be telling you today? on the gay news with Benji and Red? Yes, that's right, but sadly, the gay news this week is not very happy. We obviously lost an absolute icon, the one, the only, the legend, tina Turner passed away. Do? 

Speaker 2: you know what I feel like? all the greats seem to be passing away at the moment, and she was definitely one of them. Yeah, she's an icon, as you said, 100%. 

Speaker 1: She was an absolute icon And I actually learned some stuff about Tina Turner, which obviously it's a shame I've now learnt it after she's passed away. But a fact that I kind of want to share with everyone is did you know that Tina Turner was actually the first black artist and the first woman to be seen on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine? 

Speaker 1: I did not know that? Yeah, and did you know that Tina Turner, in the in 1982, she led the opening ceremony for the first ever gay games, which was hosted in San Francisco, and she hosted about. Other artists had been invited and they refused to do it because it was for people that were queer. 

Speaker 1: Right, yeah, and the games marked a brand new chapter for the LGBTQ plus athletes and sort of sports stars all around the world. So if it wasn't sort of like for Tina, with her fame stamping that she approves of it, you know, it wouldn't have pushed us as far forward as we are now. So she's definitely an icon And I mean her music is just I never a fact that when it comes on you lose your shit. 

Speaker 2: I do, yeah, i mean, she will leave her legacy, which is her amazing music, and of course, i know what you're referring to, proud Mary. 

Speaker 1: Yes, what a banger, what a banger. I mean even just those like opening chords. I'm like, hold my drink, i'm going, it's happening. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, it starts so slow. Yeah, and then, oh, when we let loose, we let loose, because that song now reminds me of. Do you remember that brunch that you hosted in Soho in London? 

Speaker 1: I actually completely. But yeah, i blanked that for my night blanks is probably the right thing. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, yeah, obviously I might have had one, two prosecco's too many. That was a very messy night. Yeah, one too many bottles, yeah Yeah. And obviously proud Mary comes on and you know I'm just running around living my best life, but someone was there with a broken foot and they had a crutch And I was like, do you mind if I borrow your crutch for a second? So, like you know, it's fine, did you ask. No, i did, i did. I didn't want to like just steal someone's walking stick. How rude would that have been, that would have been so bad. So I did ask, like, do you mind if I borrow your crutch for this number? She's like oh, you go for it, you're having a good time. And I used it as a microphone and I was rolling down that river. Let me tell you. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, and before you ask, podcast is yes, there is video content evidence. 

Speaker 2: I feel like you always get me when I'm drunk doing silly things. You're there with your film, Yeah. 

Speaker 1: I am My film All right, it's not like the 50s. 

Speaker 2: Massive camcorder, gotcha And candy camera with the handle like rolling Yeah. 

Speaker 1: Oh, my goodness. 

Speaker 2: But, tina, thank you for your amazing music. Obviously, it's going to live on forever and ever, and we'll still be dancing away to it, when we're old men, of course. 

Speaker 1: So, yeah, we love you, tina, and thank you to your contribution for the LGBT community. It doesn't go unnoticed. So, yeah, thank you, mate. One thing that we haven't managed to do yet is to head down the stables, or indeed to the prison, to experience one of these events, which we absolutely must do, and we have lots of people writing in and do you know what? I actually can't answer half of these questions because I've not experienced it myself. So I definitely think we should go do it. 

Speaker 2: But my worry is we'll go to the prison one and we will start doing the cell block tango and we will get kicked. Kill the vibe for everyone. 

Speaker 1: This is a serious event. 

Speaker 2: Don't make me do all six verses and choruses everyone. 

Speaker 1: Don't make me sing. 

Speaker 2: I love that video. Don't make me sing. 

Speaker 1: No one's asking me to sing. 

Speaker 2: It's all going to sing, literally you at House Party. But I do actually have a story to tell you about the police and prison. I haven't gone to prison, not yet anyway, so don't worry about that. But have I told you about me getting caught by the police before? 

Speaker 1: No, and before you do, is this going to make me libel for anything? Because I hate getting sucked into your lawsuits. 

Speaker 2: Maybe I shouldn't tell you that. Oh no, i'm not sure now. 

Speaker 2: Right. So a couple of years ago it was my friend's birthday and he'd booked to go on this comedy night. But I was being taken out for dinner that night by my boss, so I couldn't make the comedy thing, but I said I'd meet everyone afterwards for the drinks. Anyway, i was then sort of stuck in Central London waiting for everyone to come for the drinks, so I thought I'd go to Pret and charge my phone. But as I got there Pret was just about to close and my phone was dying. so I thought the best way to charge your phone for like a short period is to download Grindr, maybe have a hookup in the area, go to their house, have sex, charge my phone at the same time and then go to my friend's birthday. drinks, right? No? 

Speaker 1: That is a solid plan. No, no, no, that's not true. No, that's a solid plan. 

Speaker 2: My phone was dying, had no way to charge it and I thought if I went round someone's house then I can kill two birds with one stone. Oh, you've never done that. 

Speaker 1: I would argue that nobody listening to this has done that. 

Speaker 2: But if you're horny and like, oh, maybe I could have a hookup, i was like, oh, actually, maybe I could have a hookup and charge my phone up. Everyone's a winner. Then I know when they're at the pub and then I go meet them. 

Speaker 1: No, No, not at all. I'm genuinely concerned about you. So you basically hoard yourself out for a bit of electricity. Yeah, you sound fine with it. 

Speaker 2: So as long as you're happy with this A girl's got to eat and a girl's got to have a charged phone, because you have a cricket phone that lasts for about like 30 minutes. 

Speaker 2: Anyway, oh, there's more. Okay, the story continues. We've not even got into the police yet, so it's on Grindr chatting to this guy. He's like oh, i'm actually at JOY late. Do you want to come for a drink? I was like, to be honest, i need to charge my phone. My phone's going to die. I'm actually at a table with a plug Come. I was like, do you know what? Let's do it. So I kind of went on a bit of like a random date, i guess very last minute, joy late. He was a little bit drunk, i was a little bit drunk, we got some shots in, it was all great, and then we started making out, which is not really me. I'm not really into like getting with people on the dance floor. I think it's a bit much. 

Speaker 1: Anyway, we was on one, so that's too much, but the grease mega mix is absolutely fine. Yeah, agreed. Also, i thought that was our magical place. I can't believe you just took me to your general whoring spot. 

Speaker 2: Oh no, Sorry about that. 

Speaker 1: Your heart broke and you never stated. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, i did. Anyway, we was making out and he was like, oh, i'm really horny. I was like me too. Do you want to go back to mine? is what he said to me. But he lived north London. I was like I can't go to my friend's birthday in like half hour. You've got me for like half an hour and then I'm off. And he was like all right, well, i'm actually the manager of Nando's around the corner. Do you want to go in the pantry? I'm not even joking. I got offered to go to the pantry to have sex with some Nando's manager. 

Speaker 1: Wait, is the pantry like a private club, or do you mean the pantry of Nando's, as in like the storage where they keep all the food. 

Speaker 2: But obviously I'm vegetarian, so can you imagine me bent over the freezer of all the dead meat? That's not for me. That is not going to get me going, cause you're bent over your filthy bottom. But anyway, the petting was getting quite heavy. So he was like let's go down this alleyway. I know it's like a private alleyway. It's like cool, that's actually near the pub I need to be at anyway. So this is like win, win for everyone. 

Speaker 2: So we go down this alleyway, right, we're making out, it gets a little bit much. And then we hear some footsteps. So he's like, oh, just pretend we're having like a wee in the corner. It's like okay, and then the footsteps stop behind us And I'm like, oh, my God, we've just been caught. And we turn around to policemen. And then they're like boy, oh, lads, what's been happening here? then My heart was racing And this guy was like oh, we just stopped to have a wee and they shone their torch And there's no, there's, no, there's no year in here, there's, there's nothing here. 

Speaker 2: What were you doing? And honestly I, you know, i was like looking at him like I don't know what to say. You got to take the lead on this one, and I can't remember what he said, but anyway, the police then decided to laugh and like we're just joking, it's fine, we're actually on a drug raid anyway, so we've got like more important things to be doing or something, let us go. But obviously that was a bit of a warning, so that happened, and then our heart was racing. We hadn't finished, obviously, the, the, the deed, and there's like, oh, i do actually know a park across the road, do you? 

Speaker 1: want to try the park. That wasn't enough. 

Speaker 2: That wasn't enough. So I was like all right, go on then, let's do it. So we broke into this park and then like this stuff in the park, naughty. Anyway, that was the end of that. Lovely, see you later. Lovely to meet you, Mr Nando's manager. Have a good life. Go to my friend's birthday. walking down into the pub And then my friend's like I think you've fallen over. Oh my gosh. I said no, why is that? You've got mud on your knees. Like are you okay? I was like oh yeah, i did fall over. Dirty knees, yes please. 

Speaker 2: Caught me in the act. 

Speaker 1: I'm a little bit speechless with this. I don't know. I don't know what to ask because I don't really know what I want answered. 

Speaker 2: It's quite a chaotic story, isn't it that one? I mean, a lot happens in a short space of time. That all took place in about 20 minutes, wow, wow, and all I wanted was my phone charged. 

Speaker 1: Do you know what I've got? I've got this wonderful phone case that charges my phone when it runs low. 

Speaker 2: I need to invest in one of those and not do these like random grinder hookups for a bit of electricity. 

Speaker 1: Guys, guys, i'm on 10%. I'll be 20 minutes. Alright, mate cheers can you get me a live and man guy? Use my lollipop. I've nearly got half a chicken. 

Speaker 2: Can you believe that he offered to take me into the Nando's pantry for a bit of hanky panky? 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i mean I would have preferred that over the alleyway. 

Speaker 2: You would have gone to the Nando's pantry. Oh honey, have some spicy chicken whilst you're out here. Bit of mayonnaise, lovely. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i would have done that, more than the alleyway in the central London. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, it was night time, though it was dark obviously, oh my goodness. But that was my story about nearly being caught by the police. Honestly, i thought I was going to go prison or get a criminal record or something. You're so dramatic That was, um, oh, got away with that one by the skin of my teeth, i did. 

Speaker 1: Wow. So have you done anything daring outside like that since? 

Speaker 2: No, that was actually the last time I had outdoor sex. I think I was a bit scared from it. 

Speaker 1: And that's why you've gone back to being vanilla. 

Speaker 2: Yes, you call me vanilla, but I've got all these wild stories. you see, i mean wild disgusting. But what about you? have you ever been caught outside On with the podcast Benji? serious question have you been watching I Kiss the Boy on TV? 

Speaker 1: Okay, don't hate me, i know it's a massive craze at the moment, but no, i've been kind of rushed off my feet, sort of, you know, trying to find smoke machines that would survive outside water directions to me. So no, i haven't even turned on my television, but I have been catching like little glimpse of it on social media etc. And I know I'd noticed a couple of the boys had followed us on Instagram so I'd assumed you had been watching it. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, i am obsessed with it. I'm not a huge TV person anyway, as you know, but if I like something then I'm, all systems go right. And if you don't know what it is, it's the UK's first ever gay dating reality TV show. Yes, it is amazing, it's so good and it's hosted by Danny Monogh. What a babe, what an icon. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, i still don't know how. I'm nothing negative against them, but I'm still not sure how I feel about the Monogues. But okay, hang on, i'm gonna eat my hat On my face. Then I'm gonna eat my hat because Kylie's new song is an absolute bop. 

Speaker 2: I have that on repeat at the moment. I am that basic gay that is listening to that song. I love it. It's so good. You are a basic gay. We know that anyway. No, i'm not, i'm alone that Anyway so carry on. 

Speaker 1: So this the premise of this. From the looks of it, it looks like something between first dates and Love Island, i guess. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, that is actually pretty, pretty accurate, i would say. So boys get paired up based on what they're sort of into and that kind of thing, and the first time they meet they have to kiss each other and then they are a pair, basically a couple in this lovely villa in Italy, i think it is. So who couples them up? That's, i guess, prearranged already, so like they all they do, is they meet and that is then their couple to begin with. So they see each other and then kiss Exactly. They don't even say hello, they go straight in for that kiss. 

Speaker 2: What's all kisses? it A mixture, it's all the kisses that you could think of, and I don't want to give any spoilers away. Obviously it's the first episode. Anyway, would they all have to kiss each other? but one guy is a Mormon who has come out as gay and has never been on a date with a guy before. Yeah, so it goes from that extreme to someone who's like had a lot of experience right, and then everything in between. What I really like about it as well is that It's all different body shapes, sizes, races, backgrounds, cultures. It's really, really interesting, because I think Love Island is all like sort of six pack model type aesthetics. 

Speaker 1: I'll tell you right now I've still never watched a single episode of Love Island. 

Speaker 2: Do you know what? Neither have I, not in its entirety. I've seen clips and bits and bobs and housemates have had it on back in the day when it was the thing. But the bits I did see, they were all these beautiful, stunning, ripped. 

Speaker 1: Well, do you know what? I'm not going to call them beautiful, because I think that's adding into the stereotype, but they clearly are. Jim goes, i'll give them that. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, do you know what? I actually agree with you. I'm going to take that back, you know? Yeah, you should. But what I like about I Kiss the Boy is that it is just very normal body types. whatever normal is a bit of everything, yeah. 

Speaker 2: And so they get paired up and then they have to kind of get to know their pair. But if they fancy somebody else, they can obviously leave that pair and create another pair, okay, so they do a lot of these games where they have to kind of get to know each other as a partner, but then every couple of days they do a kiss off and you have to kiss the boy that you basically want to kiss, and then that boy ever kisses you back or doesn't. So if your pair has eyes for somebody else, they might say, oh, i don't want to kiss you back, i want to give my kiss to someone else instead. So there's a little bit of gay drama in there, which obviously we love. A bit of that too. And then Danny Minogas. 

Speaker 2: There is like this very godmother cupid type host who like sets little games and challenges for the boys And she looks stunning. She's in her fifties, danny is, danny is in her fifties And she comes in and these amazing outfits, she looks incredible. And she's recorded the theme song for the TV show, right, but she's donating all of the money, all the profit from that song, to switchboard. You know the UK LGBT charity. Oh, that's great. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So she was on promoting that as well And, yeah, all the money is going to that amazing, amazing charity which, if you don't know what switchboard are, they are an online service, messaging service, a phone service, open, available 24, seven. You can call them, get in touch with them at any point And someone will be there to listen to you and answer questions and sort of help you, help you out. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, they really are amazing. We've, we've, we've mentioned them before on the podcast and, as I said, they are an incredible, incredible charity. Oh, that's so good of Danny, great Yeah. 

Speaker 2: But I thought I'd ask you a couple of these questions because this is all they're kind of like get to know your couple. Pair questions, ok, and one of them was about body count, which I thought was quite interesting. Oh gosh, so I'd never heard of this term expression before. Basically, they were saying that body count is how many people you've had sex with in your life. So do you have a high body count or a low body count? And again, they've got such an eclectic mix of gaze in the villa that it was all very different numbers, from sort of fairly low to then very high. And the question was if your partner or you found out your partner or your person you're dating has a high body count, would that put you off them? Oh, i thought that was quite an interesting question. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, Do you know what? I've never even thought. Initially I was thinking yes, but then actually no, But then I don't know That's. That's a really weird one. 

Speaker 1: Because part of me is like, well, yeah, if they've got a really high count, then they're probably not sort of committed material Right. So do I really want to continue into a relationship with them? But then if it's really low, i'd be like, well, have they really explored? I guess it depends what the numbers are. If we're talking like two or three, i might be like, huh, maybe you need to go and express yourself a little bit more, yeah, and just you know, experiment and see what you're happy with. Yeah, and if it's astronomically high, maybe I need to sit down with them and be like is this what you want? Yeah, so maybe somewhere in the middle, yeah, i don't know. I think I'd have to judge it as it, as it came. What about you? 

Speaker 2: i am sort of the same with you, but again, not that i'm judging someone, because i guess if i'm dating someone and it's sort of going in that direction, i like them for them. So sort of no previous judgments, we've all got a past. Like i would say that my body count is High ish, i think yours must be fairly high as well i don't believe i am sorry in the script that we were going to talk about my account i want to see the numbers. I want to see the receipts. 

Speaker 1: Stay world clear from that and yeah, interesting i think if they'd said i've had you know, i've slept with a really high amount of people but i've only had three boyfriends I'd be really fine with that because that shows that it's just them sort of freely living there, you know, exploring. Yeah, it's also to me, i've had like 25 boyfriends. That i might see as a red flag. 

Speaker 2: That is a good way to look at it, because i think i fall into the first category. I've not had many boyfriends, because when i do have a boyfriend, they tend to sort of last a fairly while, and then the cheat on you, and then the cheat on me, and then the guy. 

Speaker 1: Sorry that just fell out. 

Speaker 2: That's a fax, america. I'm actually crying. But i would say in my single phases i've had my moments of being a bit of a slot and i'll own that. You know it's that's part of being single, isn't it? and live in the London is that you can do that, as long as you say for not hurting anyone, spread that love around so i say for sure Yeah, i think i've only had a handful of people that are called boyfriends. 

Speaker 1: But yeah, but that's. My buddy count is quite high, something that i think is interesting with the TV show that i'm gonna watch anyway. 

Speaker 2: But Polyamorous relationships i never even thought that could be an option i've never been asked by two to join the three as a one night stands kind of thing? yeah, but not to have a full blown relationship. Have you been asked to have a relationship? 

Speaker 1: yeah, i match with somebody on a popular dating app not grinder and i'm chatting to them and they're like i'll just let you know, i'm actually, i'm actually in a relationship. I was like, oh, i'm a head thing and i'll just been using my like class a flirting with you for nothing, yeah. And they're like no, well, actually we're looking for a third, so we would love to go for like drinks with you and very, very attractive. Obviously, we spoke a little bit more about like preferences etc. And it would have all matched, but i am, i didn't. I felt like me against two would be a little bit like a job interview at the date. 

Speaker 2: That is true, yeah, because then what if one person likes you and everyone doesn't? It just makes it a bit awkward, doesn't it? 

Speaker 1: Well, i think that does happen. But yeah, it was either going to feel like a job interview or absolute third wheeling. And also me and with my anxiety side of my brain, i was like what's worse than being rejected by one person is being rejected by two people at the same time, exactly. 

Speaker 1: Wow, yes, i didn't do it. Yeah, but that is interesting. I will definitely watch this TV program. I'm so anti love island and I'm okay with a couple of the other ones, and I think this is huge for the LGBT community. It's massive. I hope they extend it and do different types of seasons. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, because that's what I was thinking like maybe an I kissed a girl season. There's some new people that about to enter the villa, but I wonder if they will sort of touch on potentially non binary or bisexual people in the villa as well. So I don't know how fluid they're going to go. Obviously it's the first season. Maybe they're testing the water anyway, but I think it's amazing. We've got this Well, this is the first ever one ever in the UK. 

Speaker 2: So this is, i think, an amazing thing for the community. And also, what's really great is you watch it and they are talking about the stuff that we would talk about and saying the same sort of jokes that we would say. So any, i guess heterosexual people watching it kind of get an insight onto queer culture, the gay community, the lifestyle. They learn a little bit about that culture And it's all done in like a really just normal, natural way. Yeah, and sometimes I think a lot of this fear that people have and this hatred that people have is just from the unknown. Like, who are these gays, what are they about? And when you see them on this show, and they're just being so normal and natural and just being themselves with no kind of malice I think it just makes. It makes it like it's the norm, which it is obviously for us. 

Speaker 1: For sure I do. I would question, i would actually love to speak to the creators and sort of question why did you decide that the first season would be all cisgendered male gay? I understand it's called I kissed a boy. I get it, but other than the name of the show, why you chose that category. 

Speaker 2: But this is what I'm saying, maybe because new people are going to enter in. That is, i think, how it is at the moment, but that might change as more people come into the villa. Don't know, because I do think I agree with you that would be interesting to see more sides of the community. For sure, for sure. 

Speaker 1: Yeah, I also think as well sometimes. when it comes to TV shows, I have noticed how sexualized lesbians are. Oh really, and I would worry about them doing a show where it whereas I, kissed a girl that it will attract an audience that are enjoying for the wrong reasons. From a fetish point of, view Yeah, I get that I don't want to say the hetero males, but like that kind of crowd that are enjoying watching girl on girl actually in inverted commas. I appreciate just kissing, but you know what I'm getting at. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, no, I totally hear what you're saying. Yeah, yeah, yeah. 

Speaker 1: So I just think it's interesting that they chose men. but listen, i'm not, i'm not picking it apart. I'm going to watch it and we'll maybe we'll bring it up again on another episode. But if you are watching I kissed a boy and if you're enjoying it or you're not enjoying it, please pop into our DMs, send us a message and we hopefully, maybe who knows? might get a contestant from the show on to the podcast. But we'd love to hear from you. So, yes, keep us posted on your thoughts on I kissed a boy. So, just off the back of I kissed a boy, have you ever kissed a boy without having not said a word to them? Yeah, really Yeah, in a nightclub, what? you just walked up to them and just planted a kiss on their face. 

Speaker 2: Yeah, loads. Obviously they were giving me the eye, giving the eye back. 

Speaker 1: So not even a hello. 

Speaker 2: No, straight in with a kiss, got a kiss back. Job's done. 

Speaker 1: Well, podcast. is that the spoil we have time for? on this week's episode of my Big Game Podcast. If you don't already, i don't know why you don't head up to our Instagram it's at Big Game Podcast or keep an eye on our website, which is wwwmybiggamepodcastcom, and you can sign up to various mailing lists, and also a brand new website will be coming your way very, very soon. 

Speaker 2: Yes, it will, And our DMs are always open. You know what to do. slide on in, get in touch. We love to hear from you. 

Speaker 1: That's right, but, like I said, that's all we have time for on this week's episode, until next week. See you next Wednesday. Brad, i've got a little joke for you, i'll go on. Okay, what can Brad say whilst ordering at Nando's and also whilst being rammed by the manager in the storeroom at Nando's? God what. It's a bit raw. 

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